Lauren Hanley – 21 yo South Florida goddess

Lauren Hanley on IMDBabes Lauren Hanley is a 21 years old American model from Miami, Florida, but currently based in Los Angeles. This stunning blonde goddess grew up in South Florida and graduated at the Nova Southeastern University before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dream to be a supermodel and actress. Back then, she worked at a Hooter in Tallahasse, while attending university. Lauren says she loves the LA lifestyle, where the weather is great and the area is full of natural beauties. She likes going on hikings and spending the day at the beach there.

Beautiful Lauren had two "big breaks" that really put her on the spotlights. The first one was being named Miss Coed of the day, on July 19, 2013. Since then, her social media profiles exploded with new followers, where she have almost 10.000 of them. The second event that made her the center of attentions was going out with Johnny Manziel (AKA Johnny Football), the quarterback star of Texas A&M University. Lauren Hanley was spotted with Johnny in a L.A. Club, where the supposedly met. And rumors are they left together and he took her on a date on the next day. Recently there were more news about them hanging out, but nobody knows if they are dating or something.

Since those events, Lauren Hanley pictures took the web by storm, being featured in numerous websites, forums and image boards across the internet. She also been feature two times as Lovely Lady of the Day by Sports Illustrated. And that is no surprise. Lauren body and curves are amazing, and some people refer to her as a skinnier, prettier and edgier Kate Upton. If you ask me, she has the perfect combination of an American sexy look, and a curvy body that goes with it.

Lauren Hanley pics

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