Lindsey Pelas – Blonde, green eyes and great features

Lindsey Pelas on IMDBabes Lindsey Pelas is a stunning model born in Lousiana and currently living in Hollywood, CA. This lovely blonde is a fitness enthusiast and loves to party. Lindsey says on her Instagram profile that she's "genetically gifted". We definitely agree with that statement, as you can see by the pic above or the gallery at the end of the post. Don't forget to check it out! 😉

Although she has done several modelling gigs, Lindsey Pelas became really famous online because of Dan Bilzerian. She is one of the amazing girls he likes to show on his Instagram account and make we all jealous of his life. Aside from being featured on Dan Bilzerian pics, Lindsey Pelas has also earned a lot of attention after her slow-motion running on the beach video. She was ellected Playboy's Cybergirl for the Month of May in 2014 and is running for Cybergirl of the year 2015.

Lindsey was born in May 19, 1991. That makes her 23 years old, still pretty young. She's 5'3" tall and 105 lbs. Her measurements are 32" - 22" - 31".

On her hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Lindsey used to work as a model, bartender and Aerial Yoga instructor (whateever that means). She has a bachelor degree in History from Louisiana State University. Lindsey always got a lot of attention because of her blonde hair, green eyes and her other assets, which weren't built with surgeries. She says she loves "Lana Del Ray, scary movies and my dog".

Lindsey Pelas Instagram profile has over 1.3 million followers and her Twitter account 76.2k more. She's quickly becoming a real sensation.

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Lindsey Pelas pics

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