Masha Solodenko – Amazing Ukrainian babe

Masha Solodenko on IMDBabes Masha Solodenko (or Mary Solodenko) is an amazing Ukrainian/Russian model. You've probably seen around pics of Masha from her most famous photo shoot, wearing a green t-shirt and rollerblades. Her body is really amazing, skinny yet curvy. Check out some of her best pics at the end of the post!

Although there is not much information available on this lovely babe, we know by her Facebook page that Masha Solodenko lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. That's Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in case you're wondering. We also know that Masha was born in March 8 and that she studies Logistics at the National Transport University. Pretty impressive, right?

We can also see by her pics that she loves working out and going to the beach. According to Masha, her favorite quote is "I have all that I love, but I love everything I have". She seems like a very nice girl. Masha Solodenko Instagram has 4.2k followers, which is still a small number. She definitely have the potential (and the beauty) to achieve a much higher number than that. On VK, Russia's most used social network, she has 3.3k followers.

Masha Solodenko pics are famous in image boards and forums, but she probably hasn't been on any major publications. We hope to see more of her around and we'll keep this page updated with new info on this lovely Ukrainian girl.

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Masha Solodenko pics

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