Michele Maturo – Fantastic model and DJ

Michele Maturo on IMDBabes Michele Maturo is a stunning 25 years old American model and DJ. Owner of a pretty face and a fantastic body, some of her pics are all over the web, from image boards to forums. You should check out her gallery at the end of the post, specially her pic with Tianna Gregory, the gorgeous model we have featured here before. Both of them are goddesses.

This lovely model is based in Los Angeles, California and affiliated to LA Talent and LA Model, with which she does print, commercial and theatrical representation gigs. We love to see her photo shoots and she does some classy modelling as well. Michele Maturo also works a DJ, a hobby she learned to do professionally. For being stunningly beautiful and a DJ, Michele gets a lot of loved and hate, on equal proportions. Guess is hard to be a fantastic good-looking girl and to be taken serious professionally. She's associated with Paul Devro, Mad Decent Creative Director and DJ artist, who happens to be her boyfriend.

On her Tumblr, Michele Maturo gives out workout routines and health tips (and some weird pics). She also answers people questions a lot. Asides from working out, she loves outdoor activities like bike ride, hiking, walking her dog and adventures. Michele also enjoys movies, taking pictures, reading and road trips, as she states on her Tumblr page. Michele Maturo Instagram has about 80.000 followers and her Twitter 10.000 more. While Michele Maturo Facebook page has over 5.000 likes. She is very active on her social media profile, posting pics of her photo shoot on regular basis. Lucky for us!

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Michele Maturo pics

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