Natasha Oakley – Bikini ambassador and entrepreneur

image Natasha Oakley is an Australian model that currently lives in California, but have also set residence in Maui, Miami and Florida. She is the result of a former Miss Universe as a mother and of a Australian surf champion as a father. Not only Natasha does modelling, but she’s also an entrepreneur, running a videography and photography company called Datreats Productions USA. So you must be starting to think she’s perfect by now right? But guess what, she also surfs as a hobby. And her main passions are travel, style and photography. Ok, Tash Oakley is perfection.

Having the time of her life, this 22 years old babe has over 450.000 Instagram followers and that's not really a surprise. Who wouldn't like to see bikini pics (mostly brazilian-cut ones) of Natasha Oakley in numerous beaches around the world? And women can also relate to her, since she has a natural beauty and she's not skinny like the more traditional bikini models: she has natural women curves. And that's something guys love and girls can get on board with. It definitely looks like she has an awesome life traveling for bikini photoshoots and running her fashion and lifestyle blog. Tash has a very healthy lifestyle ans is a truly inspiration for many people out there that dream on earning a living doing what they love.

Natasha Oakley became widely famous with her project along Devin Brugman, her best friend and room mate, also from Mauai. So you probably have seen them together already on “A Bikini a Day”, where the pose with a different bikini piece everyday. For them, the bikinis are not just something to wear, but the symbol of a relaxing lifestyle of freedom and traveling.

Natasha Oakley pics

You can also see Natasha Oakley in motion on the video below:

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