Olya Abramovich – The next Irina Shayk?

Olya Abramovich on IMDBabes Olya Abramovich is a Russian model born on November 6, 1989. Although she's a blonde, just for being Russian, Olya is often compared and refered to as "the new Irina Shayk". For sure her stunning beauty puts up a fierce competition with Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, but it's very weird that people always need to compare people like that. Olya Abramovich is a huge phenomenon on Instagram, having over 1 million followers, a number that grows incredibly each day and it's very impressive.

Olya has worked with the Faces and Faces International models agency, specially with the photographers Evgenyi Demenev and Dmitry Plyusni. She states herself as a famous Russian model, although we don't have much info and evidence on that. From her Instagram pics, you can see this 24 years old blonde bombshell lives a very glamourous life, wearing high-end fashion clothes and spending the day sun tanning at the beach or at glamorous pools. She get a lot of hate on her social media profiles for her pics, which some may say overexpose her. In reaction to that,

Olya has posted comebacks stating that she's proud of her body and will not stop posting pictures where she thinks she looks great. Olya says that if people have a problem with that, than they should stop following her.

Anyways, Olya Abramovich is a real internet sensation with her stunning model body, beautiful big lips and amazing eyes. For us, we can only expect she keeps on posting those amazing selfies and hope for more information on her. As soon as we can get more info we will keep this page updated.

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