Patty López de la Cerda – Mexican TV hostess and model

Patty López de la Cerda on IMDBabes Patty López de la Cerda is a stunning Mexican TV hostess and model born in Mexico city. Patty is a short name for Patricia. Don't forget to take a look at her gallery at the end of the post. You won't regret it! 😉

This gorgeous girl studied communications in the Iberoamericana University and started working as a weather girl for the Mexican television morning news. Since she always had a thing for music, dancing and acting, working in the front of the camera came very naturally for Patricia. Later on, Patty de la Cerda has worked as a TV hostess for the show Gamers at the TV network Televisa. On 2008 she won the Fox Sports award as a sport TV hostess.

As a model, Patty de la Cerda has done several photoshoots and runway shows, mostly in Mexico. She also has a blog where she posts about fitness, workout tips, healthy food and fashion. Patty says she loves football, which is pretty cool.

Patty López de la Cerda Instagram profile has over 173k followers. There she posts daily pics of her workout sessions and modelling gigs. There is also a lot of bikini pics, by the way. Patty Facebook page has over 120k fans and her Twitter profile 227k more. She also has an Youtube channel with more than 5.7k subscribers.

Damn, those Mexican TV hostesses are really something! You should take a look at Anel Rodriguez and Vanessa Huppenkothen pages.

Here is a Patty López de la Cerda video, for you to check out her in motion:

Patty López de la Cerda pics

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