Pia Muehlenbeck – Fantastic German/Aussie model

Pia Muehlenbeck on IMDBabes Pia Muehlenbeck is a fantastic model and entrepreneur born in Germany and currently living in Sidney, Australia. She is the founder of Slinkii, a luxury athletic sportswear company, specialized in  yoga mats, sportswear and accessories. She's a very classy and intelligent girl and you check out a gallery full of her stunning pics at the end of the post. Seriously, there is some stunning bikini pics of her there.

Not only Pia has a very a cute face and a stunning fit body, she also got the brains. Asides from having found a successful company, this amazing looking gal has also majored Law at the University of Technology, Sydney. Oh, and she is also the publisher of the fitness e-book "Lose Weight in 7 Days". Looks like Pia Muehlenbeck got it all.

Pia loves being in Australia, where she lives a very healthy life and goes to the beach regularly. As she says, she is an "Aussie beach bum". With an incredibly fit body, Pia Muehlenbeck is a fitness advocate, exercising and doing yoga on daily basis. She says Yoga is one of her main hobbies and passions in life. She gives exercise and healthy eating tips on her website, where she debunks a lot of fitness myths.

Pia Muehlenbeck pics are all over the web, and you can see a lot of them being shared on Reddit and Imgur, although most of people doesn't exactly know who she is. Pia Muehlenbeck Instagram has over 128k followers, and her Twitter a thousand more.

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Pia Muehlenbeck pics

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