Ruby Sayed – Taz’s model with jaw-dropping curves!

Ruby Sayed on IMDBabes Ruby Sayed is an American model member of the Taz's Angels. We can pretty much say Ruby is our favorite one, although Demi Rose Mawby really puts up a fierce competition. With her pretty long hair and awesome body, Ruby is taking the web by storm with her Instagram pics. You can check out the selection with made with her best ones at the end of the post!

Although there isn't much info on her available on the web, we know she was born in 1994. Oh, and we also know she looks incredible in jeans. One of her most famous pics around the web is the one she's trying a jeans pants in a store, which you can see below. That pic went viral on image boards, forums and websites like Reddit, Imgur and TheChive.

Ruby Sayed with jeans pants on IMDBabes

Ruby has such an exotic look and lovely curves. No wonder she has earned her a lot of modeling gigs with a body like that. And her smile is also incredibly pretty. She's currently a regular model for the Caviar Blaque store.

On her Instagram profile Ruby Sayed has over 518k followers, which is a pretty impressive number. On Twitter she has 13.7k more. Lucky for us, this babe is pretty addicted in posting pics on her social media profiles. Ruby leaves us eagerly hoping for more. Gotta love her!

Below you can see a stunning pic from Ruby Sayed Instagram:

Ruby Sayed beautiful pic on IMDBabes

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Ruby Sayed pics

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