Sarah McDaniel – Amazing model with different colored eyes

Sarah McDaniel on IMDBabes Today IMDBabes bring you a girl that is really unique! Sarah McDaniel is an American model based in LA who is taking the web by storm! She has heterochromia iridum, the condition where the irises of both eyes have different colors. What should be an imperfection, actually made her uniquely beautiful. Her right eye is a yellow-brown while the left is an amazing light blue. Be sure to check out the gallery of her greatest pics at the end of the post. You won't regret it!

Sarah is 20 years old and 5'10" tall. Anyways, we know Sarah is a Leo and that she sees herself as an introvert. Her full name is Sarah Rose McDaniel and she currently works for LA Models. Sarah took the web by storm on the last few weeks, after being featured on several websites and image forums. Although her different colored eyes are what brings up attention in the first place, her other features are also remarkable. Don't you think?

Sarah McDaniels measurements are 32" - 24" - 35.5", pretty much perfection itself. And her eyes are truly AWESOME! As you can see below:

Sarah McDaniel amazing eyes  

Sarah McDaniel's Instagram currently has over 176k followers, and this number is growing each day. She uses Krotchy as her Instagram and Tumblr nickname. Oh, and Sarah McDaniel also rocks on Snapchat!

We will surely be seing more of her around, since she has been recently discovered by major websites. So we will keep this page updated!

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Sarah McDaniel pics

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