Svetlana Bilyalova – Flawless Russian beauty

Svetlana Bilyalova on IMDBabes Svetlana Bilyalova is a stunning Russian model based in Moscow. Although we found different possibles dates of birth (January 13 and June 20), Svetlana was born on 1992 and is 22 years old. She's 5'8" (1.75 m) and her measurements are 36"-23"-38". With her dark hair and hazel eyes, Sveletlana Bilyalova is another fine example of how incredible Russian women can be, alongside Olya Abramovich and Irina Shayk.

Her full lips and beautiful face combined with a slim fit body, made her a Instagram queen. Svetlana has an incredible followers base with more than 1.2 million just on Instagram (not to mention Facebook and Twitter), where she post pictures of herself on daily bases.Her number of followers is quite impressive, considering her first photo posted there was in late 2012.

Bilyalova becames more popular everyday. This flawless olive skin model has worked with Mira Sezar Boutique, Lesha Gorov, Aleksey Slavnonv and  Alexei Bazdarev. Sveltana also promoted products on her Instagram profile and appeared on advertisements for local businesses. So it looks like she has a solid ascending career in front of herself.

Svetlana Bilyalova attends the RUDN University, studying to get her major on Public Relations. That's really cool and shows that she thinks about her future and doesn't just rely on her modeling jobs. She's also a gym addict, which is easy to find out by looking at her Instagram pics, always showing her workout sessions. Svetlana loves sports and lives a very healthy life.

Since she's famous in Russia but not so much to the rest of the world, we'll keep our eyes sharp for any news about her, as well as other Russian beauties that may follow her path.

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