Tianna Gregory – Curvy and gorgeous

Tianna gregory Tianna Gregory is a stunning American model. This  beauty is 24 years old and lives in Los Angeles, California. Tianna is 5'3" (1,60m) tall and 105 lbs, and her measurements leaves the girls jealous and the boys drooling: 34" - 24" - 24". Tianna Gregory is incredibly fit and defines herself as an outgoing and energetic young woman, that lives life to the fullest and loves to interact with others. She says she is very determined.

Tianna has dreamed on being a model since she was 15 years old, and she did some modeling for a local charitable organization on the small town she was born. Later on, after being in college for 2 years, Tianna decided to pack her bags, take her car and move to Los Angeles to pursue modelling opportunities in the big city. It was a very happy decision, since now Tianna Gregory has made her name in the modelling world. And it all started by taking selfies on her own camera and posting them on her social media profiles. After some time, Tianna started working with well known photographers on different projects.

Nowadays, Tianna Gregory has a huge portfolio of modelling jobs. She has modeled for posters, calendars, clothing lines and magazines, as well of making appearances on music videos and making YouTube exercise videos. She also works as host on club parties and businesses grand openings. Tianna Gregory

Her Instagram profile alone has currently over 500 thousand followers, and her Twitter almost 40 thousand more. Tianna Gregory is a real web celebrity and uses her social media profiles to post pics on daily basis, since she has a really well-built body and she's not afraid of showing it. Tianna loves to interact with her fans and tries to answer their questions as much as possible.

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