Valeria Orsini – A Colombian-Italian-Puerto Rican mix to perfection

Valeria Orsini bikini mirror selfie Valeria Orsini is an incredibly hot American model and aspiring actress born in Atlanta, Georgia. When she was 2 years old, Valeria moved with her family to Miami, Florida, where she was raise. She's currently living between Miami, New York and Los Angeles. This lovely, fit and beautiful 23 years old blonde has Colombian, Puerto Rican and Italian origins which resulted in a perfect combination.

Orsini has done many glamour modeling works, calendar photoshoots, TV commercials, hosting at clubs, special appearances in events and shows (like the "Bunny Talk Radio") and much more. She was even featured in  music videos for a lot of artist like Trina, Flo rida, Cam'ron and Mon E.G and appeared on "Swimming with sharks" on PlayBoy TV. Valeria Orsini portfolio doesn't stop there. She has been on a lot of magazine covers, like 2010 may's Nine5Four and 2010 september's Mixed Magazine. The colombian-Italian-Puerto Rican bombshell has also starred on live fashion shows for Tara Love, Linda Zamora, Lace to Lust and many many more. Valeria is the current brand ambassador for Mutated Nation and also do other glamour model works.

As you can see, although she started studying Occupational Therapy on Keiser University, Orsini is very talented and not afraid of trying new things in the modeling world. She has a lot of charisma, an amazing body (which is the result of a consistent workout schedule and Muai Thai practices) and stunning features. Valeria Orsini is not afraid of showing her amazing assets on lovely pics and bikini selfies on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, and that works really well for her. She's growing a huge fan base all over the world and turning all the spotlights to herself.

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