Yovanna Ventura – Justin Bieber’s “female friend” model

Yohanna Ventura on IMDBabes Yovanna Ventura (full name Yovanna Karen Ventura) is an American fitness model from Miami, Florida. She's 18 years old and 5'9" tall. Yovanna hit the spotlights after being seen with Justin Bieber, in a supposed date at Venice Beach, California, on May 4. After that, Yovanna Ventura was featured on several gossip magazines and websites, as the "new Justin Bieber affair". She gained a huge fan based after that, having more than 400.000 followers on her Instagram account up to this date. Rumors are they spent a weekend together in Las Vegas after that. Nothing is known of either they keep on hanging out or not, except that they have exchanged some messages and compliments via Instagram. Bieber commented on the dress Yovanna wore on her high school prom, at Miami Senior High School. The model has a couple of pics of her and Justin Bieber on her Instagram profile. The funny thing is that Bieber fans quickly began splitting themselves in two groups: the ones who prefer Yovanna Ventura, and the ones who support Selena Gomez.

This lovely fitness freak speaks both English and Spanish. She does like she has a bit of Latina in her. Yovanna uses her Instagram to motivate her followers, sharing her workout routine videos, dieting tips and motivating catch phrases. She share a lot of squats videos, just like Jen Selter does (you should check her pics, she's referred to as the most famous butt on Instagram).

Although Yovanna Ventura says on her Facebook public page she's signed with Elite Model Management, we couldn't find her name in the agency's listings. Anyways, after all the exposure she got from magazines and websites on her supposed case with Justin Bieber, she will be able to find a lot of modeling jobs.

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Yovanna Ventura pics

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