Top 5 Jaw-Dropping Latina TV Hostesses

  Latina girls are the best and there's nothing new with that. But are you aware of how many incredible girls host TV shows in Mexico? Seriously, it's amazing. We would like to live in Mexico just to watch TV. In this post we'll list our top 5 latina TV hosts. Don't forget to point out you favorites on the comments section!

1. Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia Mexican TV Host

Yanet Garcia is a model who works as weather girl for Televisa Monterrey, in Mexico. She has an amazing skinny body that leaves everybody drooling. Yanet also has a cute look and a beautiful smile, making her the whole package of perfection. Check out all about her and more pics here.

2. Patty López de la Cerda

Patty Lopez de la Cerda

Patty de la Cerda also started working as a weather girl for Mexican television morning news. She always worked as a model and dancer, but she really found her calling as a TV hostess. Patty is currently working at the TV network Televisa. She has won the TV Hostess Fox Sports award in 2008. You can find more pics of her here.

3. Anel Rodriguez

Anel Rodriguez on IMDBabes

The stunning Anel Rodriguez got famous for the “Mamacita” meme, shared all over the web. Her body is amazing! She lives in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and works at the Mexican TV channel Multimedios, hosting a soccer show. Check out all about her (and more pics!) here.

4. Anna Simon

Anna Simon GIF

You've probably seen some gifs of Anna Simon's around. Anna was born in barcelona and is 32 years old. She`s very talented and has written scripts of several TV shows. She was elected sexiest women in Spain by the FHM magazine on 2011. More pics of her here.


5. Vanessa Huppenkothen

vanessa huppenkothen

Vanessa Huppenkothen is a Mexican TV host who became internationally famous at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. She works for Televisa Deportes and went to Brazil to cover the competition. Vanessa has some European features, since she has German heritage. She has a massive number of followers online! Check out all about her and more pics on this page.

  Did we forget some latina TV hostess worth mentioning? Tell us in the comments!

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