Jang Ye Won – Cute Korean girl with Spanish jersey 2014 FWC

Jang Ye Won on IMDBabes I bet you've seen a gif of a very cute Korean girl with a Spanish jersey cheering at the 2014 World Cup soccer match around the web. The name of this cutie is Jang Ye Won and today we bring you all about her. Just like you, we instantly become in love with this asian beauty. Turns out she is a TV Host in Korea. Also a announcer, broadcaster, anchor, actress, reporter, model and Sookmyung ambassador. Jang Ye Won is very young, being born on July 14, 1990. She was hired as the Seoul Broadcasting System (as known as SBS) youngest announcer in 2012. Since then, she has being working covering sports, hosting a morning show abd a celebrity news program, among other apparitions on the TV network. She has even pole-danced on Star King, a Korean variety show.

Her first and most famous apparition on 2014 Fifa World Cup at Brazil happened at the Maracanã Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro. An SBS camera captured her smile when she was cheering with a Spanish jersey during the Spain and Chicle soccer match. It quickly became viral and her gif was all over the web, from image forums to social networks. Here  is the famous gif that made her famous across the web:

Jang Ye Won is the cute Korean 2014 World Cup girl GIF

Jang Ye Won now have over 50 thousand followers on Twitter and although we've seen some real beauties on 2014 Fifa World Cup, such as Axelle Despiegelaere and Vanessa Huppenkothen, none of them compares to Jang Ye Won smile. It is just too sad that the Korean team couldn't do a good job on the competition and won't be remembered as this lovely Asian girl will.

Jang Ye Won pics

And here is a full video of her doing a coverage on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil:

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