Vanessa Huppenkothen – 2014 World Cup Muse

Vanessa Huppenkothen on IMDBabes Vanessa Huppenkothen is perhaps one of the greatest things the 2014 World Cup brought to us. She's a TV host from Televisa Deportes (a Mexican sports channel) that went to Brazil to cover the World Cup. She lives in Mexico City. Vanessa is 29 years old and has German heritage, what gave her amazing European features. Seeing Vanessa stunning beauty speaking Spanish is totally mesmerizing. This Mexican/German babe graduated on International Relationships at the ITAM University, while working modeling and hosting TV shows.

Vanessa Huppenkothen has a massive number of followers online, almost 1,5 million on her social networks altogether. Of course, this number had a huge increase after the start of the 2014 World Cup at Brazil. A lot of people are considering Vanessa the "Muse of 2014 World Cup" and here at IMDBabes we agree with them. Even though we are seeing some real beauties on this competition, Vanessa is from far the most incredible one.

With her amazing beauty, Vanessa Huppenkothen was featured at "Nuestra Belleza Mexico" on 2007, a contest to elect the beautiful women in Mexico. Although being a finalist, Vanessa didn't won. Later on, on 2008, Vanessa started working on Televisa Deportes, going to China to cover the Olympics. She participated on a lot of Mexican TV shows like "Cloroformo", "Vecinos" and "Los Héroes del Norte". Nowadays, Vanessa Huppenkothen hosts the show "Mas Deportes" and cover special events for the network.

Vanessa has also appeared on TV commercials and advertisement for several brands, some of them are Gillette, La Vill, Castalia, Calvin Klein, Vintage, NatureNutrition, Jumex Sport and Amante del Deporte.

Vanessa Huppenkothen pics

And if you want to see this beauty in motion, check out the video below, where Vanessa Huppenkothen show the beaches of Rio de Janeiro on her bikini:

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