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Angie Griffin on IMDBabes Angie Griffin is a web celebrity most known from the Youtube channel Screen Team, which she produces with her husband, Chad Nikolaus. The show is very famous with more than 420 thousand subscribers on Youtube.

Her full name is Angela Marie Griffin and she is from Bakersfield, California. Angie was born on May 16, 1982 what makes her 32 years old. She's 5'7" tall (about 1.70m) and 122 lbs (55 kg). With her dark brown hair, blue eyes and a unique cuteness, Angie earned everybody's attention of the web. A gif of her from the Screen Team Christmas video Parod has been widely share across the web, specially on Imgur and Reddit. You can see the Gif below.

She is an incredibly cute geeky girl who loves games, movies and cosplay. Some of her cosplays are widely share across the web, with characters like Wonder Woman, Misty and Team Rocket from Pokemon, Chun-Li from Street Fighters, Princess Peach from Mario, Cat Woman, Mary Jane from Spiderman and many others. Another of hers most shared cosplay is a pic with a costume from the game Portal.

Angie Griffin has also been on some movies, most known are Famous (2011), Bloodwood Cannibals (2010) and Movie Mob (2007). We hope she doesn't give up on the acting career as we want to see more of her on the big screens.

We've seen a lot of her lately, because of an Angie Griffin's cute Christmas gif that went viral. The gif is a scene from the Screen Team Christmas Medley Parod video: Angie Griffin cute christmas gif

And here is a gif of Angie Griffin dancing dressed as Velma, from Scooby Doo: Angie Griffin Velma dancing gif

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