Angie Varona – Web celeb by accident. Our luck.

Angie Varona Famous selfie Angie Varona, who is now 20 years old, became a real web celebrity even without asking for any attention. That happened when her profile at a photo upload website was hacked (allegedly by her ex-boyfriend) and her private pictures were shared across the web. Although they were non-nude pics (mostly bikini photos and selfies), Angie’s pictures became omnipresent on the internet on a lot of different websites, inciting people all over the world to ask "who is that girl?". She gave interviews about the case saying she regretted uploading those photos online. Even though Varona speaks about it as a big trauma and went for several months without posting any pics on the web, she is now back to posting pictures and videos on her social media profiles, and we love her for that.

Angie live in Miami, Florida and has a very cute and angelical face aligned with a fantastic body. On top of that, she has that girl next door look, being one of the main reasons why she's so famous on the web: she looks like a normal girl you can find on the streets. With a fanbase of more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram, Angie Varona receive a lot of presents from her fans, but also a lot of hate from people who think she is over exposing her body with all the bikini pics and cleavage selfies. Apparently Angie doesn't mind that legion of haters and tries to go on doing the things she likes, despite of their rage. She's a very sweet girl.

As far as known, Angie Varona hasn't done many modeling jobs, although she has got everything of it: the beautiful face, the perfect body and the charisma.

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