Daniella Lanio – As some say, the next Angie Varona

Daniella Lanio on IMDBabes Daniella Lanio is one of those perfect girls we see on Instagram. She is an American girl from Orlando that became famous for her pictures published on social media profiles. Her age is unknown. Some say she's the next Angie Varona, but differently from her, she hasn't had any pictures stolen, she just shares them a lot. You probably seen a pic or two around the web, she's very found of car and mirror selfies. Daniella Lanio has Colombian heritage and loves to show all her beauty, cleavages and assets, awakening the wonder of men and the envy of girls all over the world. She's a lovely combination of the Latin and American beauty.

Although being very famous online, as far as known Dani Lanio haven’t done any modelling jobs or tried to take some sort of advantage of her online notoriety (well, that’s a shame). I personally think she should do works as a model, since she got the body and the looks for it. She also has a very unique and cute look.

Daniella is very discrete and it's really hard to find more about her online (except from the fact that she loves to take selfies in her car). You can see a lot of her pics around the web, but few of them mention her name in the credits or tell us more about this beautiful babe. In fact it looks like her Instagram account has been deleted a few time ago, as well as her Facebook and Twitter. Maybe she had enough of that over sharing phase and got worried about having so many pics around the internet. Well, tough luck for us, right? Let's just hope Daniella Lanio changes her mind and open up those accounts back.

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