Halle Diez – Instababe from Southern California

Halle Diez on IMDBabes Today we bring you Halle Diez, a young beauty from Southern California. Halle is a 19 years old blonde bombshell 5'9" tall and 140 lbs. She lives in Temecula, California (just outside San Diego), and works at Hooters (I figure out why). Our web celeb is very active on Instagram and for all the self pics, we can tell she really enjoys herself. As many girls that became famous for over sharing pics online, Halle Diez is also often compared to Angie Varona. It's funny how people need to label everyone and make that kind of comparison. Anyways, Angie herself has comented on one of Halle Diez Instagram updates, saying "this girl defies all laws of gravity , normality and everything else with her fantastic figure". Halle is single and defines herself on her Twitter as "assexual".

With a 34DD measurement people all over the web engage on discussions of whether Halle Diez have a breast implant or not. She says she get the question all of the time and hasn't got the patience anymore to answer it, although Halle has said on her Tumblr blog that she's all natural. Even though, people still don't believe it. Halle Diez became web famous when she was 18 years old and her Instagram pics were shared on big websites, like Sourcefed, Sneakhype and many others.

There's not much info on her online and as far as known she is a student and hasn't done any modeling job. We'll stay tuned for any new information on her and to keep this page up to date. You can see by Halle Twitter updates that she's into video games, which is really cool. She has over 40 thousand followers on her social media profiles all together.

Halle Diez pics

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