Katya Lischina – Girl from when Russian meets Japanese meme

Katya Lischina on IMDBabes Ok, prepare yourselves for a cuteness overload. Today we tell you all about Katya Lischina, the famous Russian/Japanese girl that took the internet by storm. While not much is known about her, we search the webs for all the info available on this incredible cute girl. Katya is also known on the web by Minami Nyan, and some places even say her name is Liraley Keltskay, even though we are pretty confident it's Katya Lischina, because of her profile on VK, a Russian social network similar to Facebook.

Katya Lischina story is pretty simple. Somebody found her pics and put them on 9Gag, with the title "When Russian meets Japanese... cuteness overload!" which defines her pretty accurately. Since appearing on the website, her pics went viral, and soon many more started to appear on image board and forums. So we made a nice selection, which you can see by the end of this post (and be sure to check out her cute video).

Now, some information on her. Katya's birthday is on October 19 and she lives in the city on Saint Petersburg, on Russia. Looks like her mother is Russian and her father is Japanese, that's how she got the beautiful exotic features that made her famous around the web. Some say she looks like the character Mikasa, from the anime Shingeki no Kyojin (or Attack on Titan on the English version). The cool thing is that she really appears to be into Japanese culture, being a fan of games, animes and cosplay. She even got a Twitch channel with over 2 thousand followers, where she plays CS: Go, Terraria and League of Legends.

With her angelical face, Katya Lischina is making fans all over the internet, and her Instagram profile currently has more than 13.000 followers, although she does not post frequently.

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Katya Lischina pics

Now, a cute Katya Lischina video:
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