Laura Lux – Model, DJ and Gamer!

Laura Lux Laura Lux is an Australian model/web celebrity who is a totally bombshell. Laura is becoming more famous everyday because of her Instagram profile and her Twitch channel where she live stream her gaming sessions. Not only she's incredibly beautiful, she's also an avid gamer!

This rainbow haired girl is currently living in Los Angeles, but she still proud to be an Aussie. Laura has built a career as a model and a DJ, but currently is focusing on her project to be a full time game streamer. As she says on her Patreon profile: "I would love to nothing more than to flourish as a professional streamer, playing games & performing."

Laura Lux is also known on the web as DJ Laura Lux, DarthLux and LuxVader. She's best friends with Emily Sears, another australian beauty already featured here on IMDBabes. And you might have seen some of her web videos with her friend Steve-O from Jackass.

Laura Lux

Laura Lux with her amazing tattoos and rainbow hair as a DJ. She's a real entertainer and loves to take selfies as you can see on Laura's Instagram profile.

Laura Lux


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Laura Lux Laura Lux Laura Lux Laura Lux Laura Lux

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