Maria Doroshina – Russian/American beauty Instagram Queen

Instagram brought us amazing undiscovered "talents" and Maria Doroshina is one of them. Maria was born in Russia but currently lives in Fort Myers, Florida, where she can enjoy nice summers and use her bikinis. This 18 years old blonde bombshell has more than 300 thousand followers and is quickly becoming one of those pretty girls you see pics everywhere in the web. She's not shy about her beauty and loves to show her lovely assets on her Instagram and Facebook, and we can consider ourselves lucky for that. Maria's huge fan base adore her, specially guys who like to check out her bikini pics. A lot of her pics makes other girls jealous, which sometimes can bring a lot of hateful comments. But I think that's the price you pay when you become a web celeb, right?

Doroshina’s social network profiles are full of beautiful selfies (and some bikini pics!) which are making her a ascending web celebrity. As far as known, she does some modeling jobs and is open for a professional career in the modeling world, even though Maria Doroshina has the body and face for it, she's not there yet. She has a traditional beauty, which a touch of Russian/American mix, what makes her really unique in a way.

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Maria Doroshina pics

And see her in motion:
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