Niykee Heaton – Incredible voice, even more incredible body

Niykee Heaton on IMDBabes Niykee Heaton is an amazing singer and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois, that is probably more famous for her bikini pics than for her music. And don't get us wrong, she is a very talented singer. Niykee is 19 years old lovely blonde with an incredible body. Her hips and waist leaves every girl in the room jealous. Niykee shares her pics daily on her Instagram account, which has more than half million followers and keeps growing everyday. Even though Niykee grew up near Chicago, she says she has strong South African roots, are her mother's family still lives there.

Not only Niykee Heaton has some insane curves, the musician also has really good voice. She first got notice on the web after posting a cover of song "Love Sosa" by Chief Keef on her Youtube account in November 2012. The rapper got the news he was being cover by Niykee and publicly send a message to this blonde bombshell on Twitter. After that, she gained a lot of attention and tons of new followers. Although Heaton loves Rap music, she writes and sings her own music, which is "kind of alternative" as she has said on interviews. Niykee Heaton recently released her new single named "Bad Intentions".  This talented singer has started playing the acoustic guitar when she was 10 years old. She learned it all by herself and never had a guitar lesson.

On her Youtube channel, which has over 180 thousand followers, Niykee Heaton shares her awesome covers, playing songs from several artists, like A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Rihanna and many others.

Niykee Heaton pics

Or take a look at a little video Niykee posted on her Instagram account. She's really incredible:  

And below is her cover of Chief Keef’s song “Love Sofa". She got some voice:

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