Paris Roxanne – Or is it Marine Camillia?

paris roxanne Paris Roxanne is also known on the web as Marine Camillia, although her real name is really Paris. She's a beautiful girl who just like Angie Varona and Daniella Lanio became a web celebrity for posting beautiful self pictures on their social media profiles. Paris (or Marine) was born on march 11, 1990, in Orange County, California. She presents herself as a model on her profile abouts, and there are some evidence of her modeling around the web. Since her official profiles use the name Paris Roxanne, I'm not sure where the rumors about her name being Marine Camillia came from. Paris is a brunette bombshell contributing to the selfies trend going worldwide. Boys love her for that and girls hate her. We've seen that kind of jealousy with other web celeb girls, so no big deal. Aside from loving to take selfies, Paris loves the SF Giants and 60's music, especially Bob Dylan, which she's a huge fan of. And it really looks like it's an obsession with the folk singer, what is kind of weird. Although the web is full of her pics and many fake profiles, there isn't much information about her available. That is a shame since her pics get a lot of attention. Paris Roxanne could try and earn some money like other web celebrities we've seen modeling, doing special appearance in events and advertising products. paris roxanne We also know that she got into Cosplay lately. Awesome! Sign up to our email list and be notified when we post new babes! Or you can follow our Facebook page. 😉

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