Tori Ehinger – Beautiful spring breaker with great assets

Tori Ehinger on IMDBabes Prepare yourselves! Today IMDBabes brings you the gallery of a girl we have been seen around for a long time, but didn't know who she is until this very moment. We present you Tori Ehinger, a California girl who is the real bombshell.  Tori lives in Long Beach, California and goes to Bellflower Beauty College of Lakewood. Oh, and she works as a nanny. Could you imagine having a nanny like that? Now a piece of bad news: Tori has a boyfriend.

Tori Ehinger gained a lot of attention on the web when she was just a high school looking for attention on a beach trip for spring break. After some bikini pics taken and shared across the web, she became a real sensation. Her pics where shared on famous websites like The Chive, Imgur, Reddit, and many others. Lucky for us! As far as known, Tori Ehinger hasn't try to make some money over her internet fame. Although she is not really active on her social media profiles, Tori Ehinger Instagram has over 1.200 followers, probably just because of those bikini pics.

With her great assets, pretty blonde hair and amazing white teeth, Tori could have gone for a modelling career. We know she looks really good on a bikini, right? She could even have gone for a video blog or something. Anyways, we hope to see more of this incredibly blonde around. As soon as we have more pics and info about her, we'll share it on this page.

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Tori Ehinger pics

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