Yulya Appolonova – Russian cutie with a great body

Yulya Appolonova on IMDBabes Yulya Appolonova is an incredibly cute Russian babe who became famous on image boards and forum across the web because of the image above. This Yulya Appolonova bikini pic was widely shared, leaving everybody wondering if it was real or photo shopped. So we went looking for answers. Actually, the picture is real and she's incredible indeed. Yulya has a skinny yet curvy body with great assets. Yulya was born on May 8, 1992 what makes her 22 years old. She lives in Saint Petersburg, in Russia, and has a boyfriend. Sad, huh?

Yulya goes to the SPbGUKI '14 college in the History of World Culture department. She's getting her major in Art-Examination, although we think she could have a great career in fashion and bikini modelling since she got the looks and body for it.

According to her VK profile (the most used Russian social network), she has a real great music taste. Her favorite artist are Portishead, The Cardigans, Seabear, Joanna Newsom, Arctic Monkeys, Devendra Banhart, CocoRosie and Sigur Ros. We can see by her posts that Yulya also love movies, art, and taking pictures with her friends. And she loves going to the beach also, as you can see by Yulya Appolonova's amazing bikini pics.

We here on IMDBabes have a real crush on Russian girls (specially with bodies likes this), so if you share this passion with us, we suggest take a look at Helga Lovekaty and Maria Doroshina profiles. We are sure you won't regret it.

Although this lovely girl doesn't have an Instagram, Yulya Appolonova VK's is full of pics. We selected the best of them and you can see it in the gallery below:

Yulya Appolonova pics

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